A life of bliss comes around anytime, yet…

A life of bliss comes around anytime, yet…
are you going to miss it?
just like a train passing you by?
You could be living right next to paradise and not even recognise it’s there…
Many years I lived on the edge, close to the abyss hoping death would just take me on. Ravelled up in icky sticky cloths of grime…
Deep down, though, I was wishing secretly for a day I could be free of this emotional weight,
I could dance with wild abandon again,
feel sexy, and loved up, totally exhilarated with joy…
And then step by step I woke out of the slumber, I liberated so many aspects within me.
Joy and LIFE started to flood my body back with the vibes I had known from long ago.
And years later I’m standing up here on the cliff, and I’m daring the leap.
Trusting I can fly and I’m taking you all with me to play, to feel pleasure and joy all the way!
Yaaaahh, because we flipping deserve it!
We are wild spirits, we are beauty in roaring motion and we can
share so much with each other!
Come and play with us during the pleasurethon!
Come and see how awesome it feels to be in your body,
to be sensual, to be magic in motion.
Come see for yourself how this sensual bliss is right around the corner!
You know you want to be on this ride!
You may have been on the same journey too and now it’s time…
It’s time to celebrate YOU all the way and throw a big ass party with all the queens singing for joy, for juicy rebellion and love!
I can’t wait for you to be dancing with us

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