…kickstarted my biz, found ease in creating content and all my secrets to converting soulmate clients into their very first big pounce with me (incl. making me cash), building my tribe and all the love-glam that goes with being a CEO… would you want it?

I believed that making cash online is for the other cool people. That I need a pretty website, a super active facebook group, to go live on fb or insta every single day and ALL those *uh!* -please save me- RULES.


What you need is to understand deeply & soulfully where you’re coming from, I mean go really knee deep into the matter. Especially the one that hurts, that pain that feels like it’ll never go away. And truly see your light and your transformation.

This is where dance left me. And then came through the back door to show me ALL THE THANGS I never even had considered.

The moments of despair in the studio.
The tears dripping down my face on the cold bathroom ground in my flat in London when my boyfriend left, shaking his head in bitter anger, because he found out I did a boudoir shoot with a male photographer.
The shame of not being able to make ends meet every single fucking month and feeling like a failure.

“I’ll never make it as an artist! My parents were right after all!”

Slowly life got sucked out of me. Bringing me to a standstill, every movement felt like pain. Depression kicked in.

So much trauma that later resurfaced when I began my own online biz:
– I’ll never make it
– What could I possibly offer
– I want to work with XYZ but they can’t pay
– I need to have a pretty page, look like XYZ so people take me seriously
– I can’t afford a coach
– I’ll do it on my own, I’ve always done it!
– OMG but where do I start? what do I talk about? how do I do the thing?

All resonances of deep emotional and mental hurt.
All crazy lies.
All BS.
DESPERATELY needed to be addressed head on, or my whole life’d be wheeling on the spot.

Sometimes I wish I could levitate and lift my younger self off those bathroom tiles, wipe her tears and tell her:
“Babe you’ve got this! it’s not your fault!
People are afraid of your shine and you heard these lies so much you ended up believing them too. In 4 years from now it’ll all be so different, you’ll be flying across the world, meeting amazing souls who fuel your fire, so happy connecting from your heart and soul it’ll make you cry- OF JOY!
You’ll be dancing with wild abandon again and it’ll be so much better than you ever thought was possible!
Your clients show up with oomph and they can’t wait to sign, you’ll go for meals with friends and lovers and feel like a queen, because you are. You were all along. Don’t believe the lies!”

Hey! take my hand, let’s go for a walk together.
Let’s discover the new hologram you’re shapeshifting into.
And it’s just as easy as that:

One step.
Then the next.
Then the other.
Before you know it, we’re here.

Do you feel this?
Do you feel this could be you talking to yourself?
In a few weeks? In a few months?

Set up a discovery call with me.
Let’s take a walk!
Or dance…. whatever 

The life beyond your wildest dreams feels like dance-walkin’ anyway



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