TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE they said! 

(And what headache relief’s gotta do with this…)
It’s easy to drop the line.
Feels so comforting to put it all on faith’s shoulder and say:
Naww… soz! they’re just luckier, richer, prettier, smarter,….
For a second we SO wish that to be truth.
The victim mind loooooves drama and the inner procrastination monkey loves it even more.
When things used to happen outside of my control, I took the permission to just drop the whole struggle and ditch the dream altogether.
I remember days of going wild with anger and frustration. And yet, lingering in there gave me some weird satisfaction, I didn’t even know was one.
If I couldn’t get THE THING, then the ENERGY created around NOT GETTING THE THING felt like SOMEthing, at least.
Below the surface: the VOID would become so excruciatingly painful: not because it actually was painful.
I just hadn’t synced with COURAGE just yet, which would allow me to dare the unbearable things.
Regardless of how you flip this reality around, there’s no other way but understanding that MIRACLES HAPPEN FOR THOSE WHO BELIEVE.
For those who roar up the inner fires, let it burn and then relax enough to receive, fully knowing it WILL come.
Because it always does.
The second you put it ON LUCK (as if the good kids get away with better anyway) you’ve already lost the game of magic.
And it’s never about them being cooler than you, it’s also not about winning either, to be honest.
I found this on a day of sickness on my worldtrip.
Fever and a BIG BANGING headache surfaced outta nowhere.
Focusing on the ache didn’t help of course, but here’s an interesting discovery I made, I’d love you to try next time:
I would take my mind to find the core of the pain, to journey into the exact middle of the headache, like the epicenter of an earthquake.
And the pain would vanish, just like that!
It’s like it WANTED me to go right in. TO FEEL it. TO LISTEN and remain really still and alert INSIDE of it.
So maybe the “winning” is more about knowing with a clear focus that things will happen that you don’t want or just didn’t expect?
The minute the pain surfaces: go right into the eye of it!
The relief comes when we place our energy in the middle of our gunk and don’t waver, don’t even blink once.
95% won’t even dare to go close, they swamp around complaining about it and wasting all their energy on the thing that causes so much pain.
The more courage you build over time, the more courage seems to come. You build this muscle of infinite potential!
What about we never left faith abandoned on a cold rainy night and sure as heck NOT closed the door?
What would happen?
There’s only two ways to live this life
One is as if there’s no miracle at all
the other as if every single thing is a miracle
Magic isn’t just luck
magic is you deciding to impact, create and rise with the divine (which emcompasses ALL, dark light rainbows and clouds and gunk and mud and all…)
and because you do, well… you DO!


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