Abundance-Tricks Part 2

I’m back Goddess,

and so excited for Part 2!
(if you missed P1, you can find it here.)

….. sooooooo

Fast forward 2019! I had made between 2-3k months for 6 months consecutively!

Let me tell you straight up that this was a totally new experience for me – I sure had made 3k in a month before but I’d sooner or later slide back down to running close to 0 for several months after that – my nervous system was more used to the feast/famine cycles than to CONTINUOUS INFLUX.

I panicked that it would all be lost again. I would keep spinning in restlessness throughout my day and whirl in waves of anxiety before bed. There was this intense desire to invest it, just so I wouldn’t “make too much for too long” or see a number “too high for too long” in my bank account. Deep down, I believed it was safer to spend it all before it vanishes or got wasted on mindless things – the investments also needed to have a high return of investment quality (e.g. a course that’s really worth-while, or jewelry, or an experience I’ll for sure never forget).

Do you notice the catch here?

Have you had these before?

Parallel to this I also had signed up for a $10k Mastermind with my coach – 🙀WHAT 🙀 IN 🙀 THE 🙀 HOLY 🙀 SKY?! $10K 🙀

I still know the doubts so well that crept up about “securing the monthly installments” and being able to consistently pay her.

It was nerve-wrecking.

I felt the invitation to open MUCH wider for miracles, or else…I’d spin back down into the feast-famine path.

Here’s what I knew to be true:
– The universe IS my most soul-aligned partner.
– Trust comes BEFORE things happen.
– Money WANTS to be by my side and open itself to serve me better, more and more consistently.
– There’s a portal that is ALREADY open in the unknown
– I can choose again and it will work THIS time.
– Despite the fears and discomfort everything was already in motion for my highest good!

Here’s the plan I came up with:
– Program the blueprints I already knew deeper into my subconscious
– Practice my word with unwavering focus, belief and congruence (catch my thoughts going astray and leading them back to expansion!)
– Sit with the emotional body and allow… allow more and more to come to the surface
– A ton of love, compassion and Forgiveness! (Hello Ho’o’pono’pono!)

The next day, I spontaneously recorded myself while doing an EFT – tapping session to release debt & money worry to bust these beliefs. I ended up FEELING the shift so much, however I knew it wasn’t enough!

In order for the “feminine” to feel at ease and relaxed in the forward direction, she needs to witness the “masculine” show up consistently.

Belief alone doesn’t work.

Feelings alone don’t matter.

Action alone doesn’t either.

All need to come aboard to navigate through the storm TOGETHER for a LONG period of time!

Testing a ship in a quiet harbor won’t be proof for it to weather a storm.

Our ship for RECEIVING abundance is actually made of energy. The IN-COLLAPSABILITY of our ship equates what we allow.(Of course, it goes much deeper than this…)

So, I continued to listen to this recording on my way to work, while falling asleep, while cooking, while brushing my teeth or getting ready for bed, while on a quick bus-ride into the next town. Sometimes I’d tap and sometimes I would just listen!

I did begin making MORE MONEY every month!

And it keeps steadily rising until now.

Opportunities continue to surprise me and turn my desires into manifested gold.

Once you lock this in once, it will work over and over as you continue to master holding the frequency of receiving Abundance!

So here’s what’s been happening on the brink of 2020 on my journey:- A spontaneous last-minute pivot in my decisions got me standing on a film set with Angelina Jolie (even bumped into an old friend there – signs of “YES, ALIGNMENT!”), I also made over 1k just for those couple of days of filming….- my Doterra essential oil biz revenue doubled in income although I haven’t signed anyone new on in over a year!- I got hired as a coach by the same company I worked with last year “just like that”, and this promotion actually secured me a salary that ended up being 20% higher than agreed during the recruitment phase!  
– I feel ecstatic about being an artist at heart and dancing in wild inspiration (this is a very special piece for me… I guess only those who’ve lost a passion, may relate here!)

This IS about energetics first!

Money responds to our energy!

Our feminine energy (feelings, bodily sensations, elevated states of being) draws in our dream outcomes.
Our masculine energy (beliefs, visions, actions, unwavering-ness) allows them to stay and multiply over and over.

When feeling into the collective of my clients, I can sense there’s a desire to deepen this practice.
You DON’T need more healing.
You DON’T need more tools.
You DON’T need more action.
You DON’T need to go harder or bolder.

Some of you are most likely going through THIS exact blueprint of longing because your soul already has a way of naturally scaling you to your next level.
Deepening the elevated programming (that you already know!), dissolving the implants of “fixing” (that is no longer necessary at the effortless level of manifestation).Your bodily sensations ARE already more than capable of holding the frequency for your soul’s next level creation!

If I did it, so can YOU!

PS: it’s been so magical to read your feedback about my content!

Until next time,
Lisy xo

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