Hawaii… my love! soon I’ll be home to dance…

So this beautiful video found me today after 2 years… one of my freestyle dances is weaved in such beauty alongside other artists… it shocks me to witness this footage after so long… (gratitude to all the artists for creating such BEAUTY! – it brought me to tears!)

I cried once because of how much this day back then meant to me, and then because I was planning on going back to Hawaii in a few weeks and it’s not going to happen this soon yet…. My heart’s longing for Hawaii is indescribable!

Check out the video here

Idea Initiator: Carolyn Candido
Videographer: Raphael Mora
Aerial Artist: Andrea Torres
Violinist: Wendi Mayhugh
DJ: Mafie Zouker
Dancer: moi
Banyan Tree House: Mama Nature’s Helpers

What also strikes me is that I recall exactly what state of being I was in that day.
I understand now that, that world trip I did… I manifested ALL the magic with the states of being that I kept flowing into… one of the major pieces on my journey was dance – WITHOUT MY KNOWING!

Today it’s a huge milestone on this journey: I understand that all the miracles that flowed my way in the midst of the turmoils and fears that I faced (mostly around how I would survive on a bare minimum – I was more than skinned for a courageous gipsy traveller with big plans).

It honestly brings me to my knees to see how well the Universe orchestrated this for me AND how my states of being – ESPECIALLY the moments of lucid “being-ness” that I created in my body through dance, actually had EVERYTHING to do with it.

At the time, I was walking on a tightrope with blindfolds. I was test-running all the building blocks that are now weaving themselves together into what has become my “method for magic”.

The biggest miracle I am most grateful for right now is that what seemed like a crazy idea of starting my online business in 2016 is being gracefully splattered on the canvas of my life’s masterpiece.

Was this “IT” all along?

I dance…? and things come… alive?
That’s literally it?

If I had told this to my younger self 5 years ago she would have LAUGHED OUT LOUD in disbelief!

Well let me assure you!
This TRULY is how it is.

It comes with a “wink” if you’re a dancer, too!
Honestly…. if you’re a dancer… you could quite literally be sitting on a minefield without knowing what you’re “actually doing” – creating dreams, weaving pieces of your reality into being!

Seeing this video made me realise how truly magical life is – back then I had no idea that “mindless free flow dancing” was to become my signature program some day!

Dance is the most potent tool of manifestation that I’ve ever known.
It pours through every single cell of mine – quite literally… brought me sweats and tears and deliciousness!

If you’re ready to lick that yummy gold dripping from your soul, you should definitely be a part of Cosmic Goddess… we begin 22/04/2020.

This was the date I was supposed to start packing my bags to leave for Hawaii – it got postponed du to the historical scenario we’re in.
I was simply meant to create a different piece in this new paradigm we’re emerging into – through dance! And by showing others how to do it!

I cry of love for this beautiful gift, this incredible reminder that came to bless my heart today – I knew all along …. dance is breath is life is magic!

Thank you Lena Siemiesz for your sissycat love, for sharing this with me, for having opened my heart to my Panther years!
Love you

And I love YOU…. thank you for reading!

Lisy, the Dancing Butterfly (this used to be my nickname in my dancer years – guess I’m coming back alive in sweet ways!)

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