Where does your “mind” go when you dance?

Whether you identify as a professional dancer or you simply dance in your room… this question is for you!


I asked so many dancers and this always brings the most incredible answers: from “I don’t know… I get lost somehow…!” to “It feels like being deep in the ocean”…

it all interlinks back with the feminine essence – Beingness that has no-way to describe it – void – womb – black – unknown – mystical – a little magical?
Sure! This is so deep, there’s actually no other way to “experience” this, except… IF YOU DANCE!

Ok… what if I told you that you might UNKNOWINGLY carry a superpower around as a dancer that you’ve never used before! At least not this way?

Let’s whirl down the rabbit hole of manifestation!

<< Manifestation >> in a spiritual sense refers to how you can draw in a different reality by thought alone. I go a notch deeper and say that manifestation gets triggered by “states of being”.

What’s dance got to do with this?
Well… in dance (far beyond choreographic structures and composition) you activate “states of being”! It’s happening deep in your subconscious! It’s very “feminine” by nature, actually.

If you want to take it to the edge, this roots all the way to the very beginning point that we know: the universe & the “Big Bang”. The super-cosmic BIRTH made of sound & movement!
In fact…. all creations in life get triggered by this very same principle! The feminine truly sets the whole cosmos IN MOTION with her desire! She EMBODIES it and the masculine does what he’s gotta do… bring it all to her…

So, I had been dragging this GOLDEN GRAIL around my whole life, funny enough, never had a clue I could use it!

It literally “blew” my mind, that everything that had occurred in my life got triggered by the subconscious blueprint of “states of being” AND…. that that they had not only been amplified, but indeed TRIGGERED BY DANCE!….

Ok so here’s a simple example to see if you can draw a similar parallel:

early in my twenties, I was desperately wanting to rise up in the dance world, I got entangled in resistance, poverty, lack, depression, feast-famine and stagnation cycles. It was awful. I had no idea why I wanted this so bad and it just “wasn’t working” (it’s more complex than this, of course – I’m simplifying here) – TYPICAL DANCER LIFE – poor dude, hard-working, hoping for the big break-through someday if the gods are willing…🤔

Here’s what my “dance-mind” was busy with every class, every rehearsal, every damn dancing-moment in the most intimate corners of my own room:
I kept thinking of how to become more like the perfect dancer I wanted to be; obsessive about how my moves weren’t good enough, long enough, high enough, smooth enough, powerful enough, fast enough…. competition times 300%…. or how to push my edge further and further….

Guess what my personal life looked like… yup you guessed it! The subliminal programming that was occurring in my “dance mind” directly fed into my normal person’s reality

  • indeed I always felt like I didn’t have enough love, money, time, strength, creativity, exposure, attention, influence.
  • thoroughly wounded
  • on the brink of collapse

Ok… curious where I’m going? Yup… you guessed right!

What if that exact subliminal programming got reversed?! Instead of focusing on desperate goals… what if the “dance mind” got busy with love, joy, abundance, presence, being as open as possible?

= > A little autobio-back-story:

In 2017, I quit my dance career and decided I wasn’t going to “dance professionally” anymore – I was done and it was time to do something online, go on a big adventure!

I set off to travel the world on a shoestring budget (yes many friends thought I was crazy!), left with £600 in my account and a one-way ticket to Hawaii….some entrepreneurial coaching ideas and a big fat red suitcase… I had no idea how miracle after miracle was happening for me, when everything seemed like i was never going to work out!
Well it did… I came back after 10 months and my online business started to pick up momentum…

Despite all the grief and sadness of letting go of my biggest dream something interesting began to occur. I would just dance for myself, in my room, socially ONLY when I really felt inspired (this was hard when everyone expects you to burn the dance-floor because they know you’re a “pro”).
My dancer mind stopped fighting with all the pressure and began to make more room for love, joy, grief, anger, authentic emotions, truth…. soon I was enjoying the “transcendental ocean” that dance opened up for me… bliss, pleasure, surrender, devotion, love and more love streaming down my face as tears of healing, resurrection, integration…

These “STATES OF BEING” began to leak into my life like honey (IMPORTANT – I had no idea this was a THING I was creating yet!)

Now, I’m honestly still flabbergasted that this is “IT”!?
I dance and things happen?! 😱 W-T-H?! 😱😱

I’ve learnt… wait! RECOGNIZED a couple of techniques on how to actually direct this creative energy in my life for crystal clear manifestation, for example:

– client attraction,
– money,
– love,
– opportunities,
– things working out beyond my understanding…
– yup even this new program….

“Cosmic Goddess”

I took all my savvy tools together and designed Cosmic Goddess from the depths of my heart!

It’s the medicine that brings sanity back to the “dancer’s mind” and power back to you, as the creator of your own life.

The birthing process and client-signing has never been this easy for me. This is needed in the world! – Clients have been telling me “all your words & support, seriously you are a gift to women in this world!”…
I’m starting to understand why… this was never about me…. it’s about the power that’s INSIDE them! They KNOW they have this available for them literally NOW!

It really doesn’t matter if you’re a pro or a shy room dancer.

These principles are universal and will work regardless of where you are in your life’s journey.

The dive is going to be deep. This IS the next level you’ve been praying for.
Application via email only


So…. where does your “mind” go when you dance?
Tell me in a comment!

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