Are you safe to be around? (the secret dimmer to your empowered feminine magnetism)

When you become the safest person to be around with for YOU first… everything changes.

It doesn’t matter what people do or don’t.
What money, clients, your date or even the government does.

You know you’ve got you and everything else becomes either a conscious choice or a conscious discard or a powerful negotiation.

There’s an erectedness in your feminine nature and instinct that sets the tone for everything that unfolds in your life.

This is the place where more of the goodness we so crave can land.

It’s far beyond managing the outside world.
It’s about a profound shift within that creates a ripple effect in the outer world.

All of a sudden people get to be who they need to be and you get to delight in their most beautiful authentic and glorious expressions.

Or you gracefully invite them to rise. (this is not manipulation or control tactics – it’s subtle positioning that diffuses conflict and activates intimacy, even erotic turn on in couples)

You can begin mastering the energy that sets the tone for healthy relationships with men, clients, money and the world. There’s a 4 pillar system to be learnt that you can stack for powerful results.

1 – breathable boundaries

2 – purified desire & emotional intelligence

3 – awareness & seeing through your and other people’s distortions

4 – your magic aka intuition & inspiration

It will take you a couple of weeks to see it. And overtime a few seconds to activate in all your life circumstances.

Being the most magnetic elevated version of you is already naturally inside you – let’s turn it into second nature so that you can consciously use and direct this energy by command!

Sign up for ELEVATED GODDESS today. Send me an email to to apply.


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